Belle Refresh to version 111.040.151

On Monday 15th October, I updated my N8 to the Nokia Belle Refresh version (111.040.1511). I downloaded the 31 Mb update over-the-air (OTA), watched the phone reboot to apply the update and waited patiently for the process to complete. After the reboot, I installed the Social, Search, Calendar and Colorizit updates (6,180 Mb in total).

Nokia began to roll-out this update in late August 2012 but it only became available to Vodacom customers recently. This update must not be confused with Feature Pack 1 (FP1) or Feature Pack 2 (FP2) updates which are available for the latest Symbian devices such as the Nokia 808 PureView. Read the AAS and Daily Mobile articles to find out more about the Belle Refresh update.

Essentially, the Belle Refresh update is selected components of FP1 that can be installed on older Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8. The web browser is updated from version to and has better HTML5 support. A visit to shows the browser now scores 272 (and 9 bonus points) out of 500. For comparison, Google Chrome (v21.0.1180.89 m) on a desktop PC scores 431 (and 13 bonus points). The medium-sized Music Player widget and the facelift to the Music Player app are also welcomed. Certain apps such as Nokia Car Mode, Big Screen, DLNA Play and Colorizit are now built-in to the OS. New widgets such as Photo Wall and Mobile Data Tracker I have enjoyed since March 2012 when I installed them from

Will this be the last update the N8 is likely to receive? According to this article on the Nokia Developer website, the Symbian OS is in maintenance mode. This “announcement” caused quite a stir (just google symbian in maintenance mode), especially if you have recently purchased a Nokia 808 PureView. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) statistics for the 2nd quarter of 2012, Nokia smartphone sales declined in the past year to 6.6% of the market share. In addition, Symbian is down to 4.4% of market share according to the IDC, which is similar to Canalys’s figure of 4.1%.

My contract is up for renewal in December 2012 and I have begun the search for a new phone, and possibly a new operating system and a new ecosystem experience. The Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 920 are in the mix of smartphones to consider, but the success of Android and other vendors like Samsung are very hard to ignore.

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2 Responses to Belle Refresh to version 111.040.151

  1. Danie Terblanche says:


    I just ran the software update app on my N8. The Nokia Belle demo Optional (4119kB) is the only update that came up. I did all the Anna updates but was not able to update to Belle. My contract with Vodacom is also du for update in December. The question is will we get the Nokia Lumia 920 in South Africa and by when? The Samsung Galaxy SIII is selling like hot cake.
    Could you please send me the links to update the N8 to the version you mentioned in the write-up.


    • n8fan says:

      The Belle update can only be done via Nokia Suite. Its a 289 Mb download for the full firmware and is not available over the air. Please note this upgrade completely overwrites the C: drive on your phone. This means you need to restore contact, calender and SMSs after the update. Since you are due for a new phone in December, I’m not sure the upgrade to Belle is worthwhile since you will only enjoy it for 2 months at most. For more information, refer to a previous post:

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