The Belle upgrade: Part 2 of 2

This is second part of the Belle upgrade which involves re-installing all my favourite applications. As mentioned before, this task can be problematic as some applications do not function properly on Belle. For example, JBak Taskman and NetQin’s Mobile Guard have compatibility issues with Belle. The first step involved installing my favourite applications from the Nokia Beta Labs, such as Swype v2.1, Nokia Drop v1.4 and Weather Widget v18.15.

I then ran the Nokia Store client on the phone and was prompted to upgrade from v.3.22.053 to v3.22.054 (4.3 Mb download), which I did. Next, I downloaded my favourite widgets such as:
If an application is free on the Nokia Store and you wish to download the app first to PC, just add /download to the URL. For example, change to (you must be signed in for this to work). If you download a file, you need to convert it to a .sis file before installing. Follow the simple instructions given here. Free apps which I  downloaded and installed included:

 Apps which I have paid for were downloaded and re-installed using the Nokia Store client (using WiFi and not 3G in order to save data costs):

Free games which I downloaded for my 6-year old daughter include:
 My phone has almost all the functionality I expect a smartphone to provide. There are a few minor issues to sort out like applications which replace the rich functionality of NetQin’s Mobile Guard (such as a auto-start editor and a caller blacklist).
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