Will Vodacom release Belle for the Nokia N8 (059D2N9) soon?

When I troll through the Nokia Support Discussion Forums (click here and here), I see how impatient smartphone owners get regarding the release of Belle for their phones.  I remind readers that it took Vodacom three weeks to approve the Anna update for release on the N8. Its been three weeks since Nokia began rolling out Belle. However, Belle is not an update, its a complete software upgrade (hence why your phone is wiped clean before Belle is installed). Service providers like Vodacom will want to fully test Belle on their network before they give Nokia approval to make the update available to customers. This make sense because Vodacom do not want their call centre to be inundated with frantic phone calls from customers experiencing a host of bugs related to the Belle upgrade. This could mean that it takes Vodacom longer than three weeks to approve Belle.

Lets hope that Vodacom do not reject the Belle upgrade for the 059D2N9 product code. I also hope that they haven’t gone back to Nokia for unnecessary minor tweeks to the Belle OS because Nokia may prioritise Vodacom’s relatively minor requests as low and shunt them down a long queue of bug fixes. What is interesting is that Belle is available for the N8 in most neighbouring counties like Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique. If you still cannot wait for the upgrade, spare a thought for Australian (and Israel) smartphone owners since Belle is not yet even on the horizon. Also note that Nokia smartphone owners have been spoilt with updates. We updated PR1.0 to Pr1.2 on 18/04/2011, then to Anna  on 08/09/2011. Hence, the Anna update is only five months old. Apple release a major update about once a year and if you own an Android smartphone, you might not get any update/upgrade during your two year contract period. For example, some HTC Desire owners cannot update Android simply because their device has insufficient memory to install the newer OS versions. HTC had no option but to remove “some important functionality and experience” that the updated OS provided (click here for more inf0).

Some N8 owners find it most annoying that MTN typically approves updates quicker than Vodacom. However, if Vodacom take longer than MTN to approve updates because their in-house testing is more thorough, I’m quite happy to wait a little longer knowing that the final release may have less bugs. Nokia pulled the update for two product codes in India due to major installation problems (endless loop during backup process). Finally, you will notice that the official Belle FAQ grows in length almost daily. So, if you are happy with the Anna update, I caution you to do your homework before attempting the Belle upgrade. Read this forum article to see what can happen if the upgrade goes wrong.

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2 Responses to Will Vodacom release Belle for the Nokia N8 (059D2N9) soon?

  1. Elroc says:

    Belel ofr Vodacom n8 (059D2N9) is showing up on Navifirm this morning – should be going live any minute now(if not already)

  2. n8fan says:

    UPDATE: Vodacom finally gave Nokia the approval to make the Belle upgrade available on 29th February, 3 weeks after the start of the roll-out. Spare a thought for Nokia E7 owners with Nashua who won’t get the Belle upgrade (looks like Nashua have rejected it). In addition, Nokia E6 customers with Vodacom and MTN will need to wait at least a month for Belle.

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