Will my favourite apps run on Nokia Belle?

As I mentioned in my post on the pending release of Nokia Belle for N8 devices in South Africa, users must be aware that certain apps are not compatible with Belle and will therefore not work. Here is a list of my favourite apps and their Belle compatibility:

  • SPB Shell 3D: Compatible with Belle. View this link for confirmation.
  • SPB Wallet: SPB Support confirmed there are issues with Belle compatibility.
  • SPB Time: As for SPB Wallet.
  • NetQin Mobile Guard: According to this link, it does not work with Belle.
  • Shazam: Runs on Nokia Belle according to Nokia Store.
  • JBakTaskMan: Some features not working properly under Belle.
  • Nokia Big Screen:Version 1.2 now working on Nokia Belle.
  • Store QML Client: Version 3.22.053 compatible with Nokia Belle. However, update to version 3.22.054.
  • Opera Mini: Compatible with Nokia Belle from version 6.1 onwards.
  • LeControl: Version 1.11 compatible with Symbian Belle.

After installing Nokia Belle or the latest Store QML Client, I recommend installing QTInfo which displays runtime Qt (Quick) and system information. Use QTinfo to confirm your phone has the latest Qt (4.7.4) and Mobility (1.2.1) versions.

I mainly use Mobile Guard to quickly enable/disable apps that auto-start as well as to blacklist certain phone numbers. I am still searching for other apps which can provide this functionality with Nokia Belle. For a list of apps that are not compatible with Nokia Belle, click here. The following non-compatible apps I will miss until an update is hopefully available:

  • Adobe Reader LE 2.5,
  • Alt Reader Trial,
  • Fruit Ninja,
  • Fring,
  • SymDVR,
  • Talking Cat,
  • YouTube Downloader Pro, and
  • Youtube for Symbian^3.
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