“Unable to edit protected network destination” error

Under SettingsConnectivitySettingsDestinations, I have numerous access points under Uncategorised which I cannot seem to delete. Each time I try, I get an error: “Unable to edit protected network destination”. I have trolled the Internet looking for a possible solution and have even tried Nokia’s Configuration Tool to delete unused access points.

Then I came across this post which solved my problem. This solution requires a hacked phone, which luckily I have thanks to HelloOX2 (refer to the post I wrote on 11 October 2011). First, I contacted my service provider (Vodacom) and asked them to send the Internet, WAP and MMS settings for my Nokia N8 via SMS. You can also login to www.vodacom.co.za and under Phone SetupOTA setting, select the 3 access points and click submit. Wait for all three SMS’s to arrive before proceeding.

Then, I ran RomPatcher+ and enabled the Open4All patch that gives me access to protected folders. I then used MGuard’s File Manager (or X-plore or FExplorer) and navigated to the C:\private\10202be9\persists\ folder and moved the file called cccccc00.cre to the phone’s external memory (F:\). I moved the file instead of deleting it so that I could restore it if the solution did not work.

Next, I selected each SMS from Service provider and saved the 3 access points. Under SettingsConnectivitySettingsDestinations, all 3 access points were filed under Uncategorised. I created a New Destination called Internet and moved Internet.Vodacom to this folder.  I added my wireless ADSL router as a new access point and set its priority to 1 (Internet.Vodacom to priority 2). This means that any app requesting an internet connection will first try via WiFi, then via 3G (if WiFi is not available). I then set the Internet folder as the default connection. Finally,  I created a New Destination called WAP Services and moved WAP.Vodacom to this folder.

I recommend you download and install LeControl v1.11 from Nokia Store. This fantastic Homescreen widget allows me to enable/disable WLAN and GPRS/3G connections with a single button press. This widget prevents applications from accessing the Internet, thus saving valuable data bundles from being eroded by free apps with built-in advertising (especially games!). LeControl also allows you to activate the phone’s Powersave mode and has a built-in traffic counter.

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2 Responses to “Unable to edit protected network destination” error

  1. Jonathan says:

    cccccc00.cre that’s all I needed, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hamid says:

    thank you very much,
    you save me!
    The trick was cccccc00.cre 🙂

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