Hacking your N8 with HelloOX2 or an antivirus app (e.g. DrWeb) and RomPatcher+

In a previous post titled “Its time for a little hacking…“, I described how you could obtain a developer certificate for your N8 based on its IMEI number. If you were lucky enough to obtain your .cer and .key files from the OPDA website, you could then sign any unsigned app (.sis or .sisx file) and install it on your phone. Thanks to the HelloOX team, you can use your developer certificate to install the HelloOX2 (v2.11) app and run it, which then allows you to install any unsigned app on your Nokia N8.

First, download HelloOX2.v2.11.Signer.zip from the Daily Mobile Forum. Unzip the downloaded file and run HelloOX2.v2.11.Signer.exe. Then, point the app to your .cer and .key file and then click on the Sign button. This will generate HelloOX2.v2.11.signed.sisx which you then install to your phone using Nokia PC Suite or Nokia OVI Suite. Once installed, run HelloOX2 on your N8 which does the following:

  • Installs the root certificate, and
  • Installs RomPatcher+ (v3.0).

RomPatcher+ is an app with manufacturer capabilities which patches installserver.exe in C:\sys\bin, thus allowing any unsigned app to be installed. Visit the HelloOX website for more information. Run RomPatcher+ on your Nokia N8 and apply the two patches called Install_Server_RP+ and Open4All_RP+. You are now able to install any unsigned app without the annoying certificate errors. You can also install the X-plore v1.53 File Manager which allows you to see all system folders which were previously hidden, such as C:\sys\bin.

If you don’t have .cer and .key files for your phone, there is another way to hack it. Using the DrWeb 6 antivirus app, the RomPatcher+ app is installed in C:\sys\bin, allowing the Open4All patch to unlock the C:\sys\bin folder. Using X-plore File Manager, the hacked version of Installserver.exe is then copied to C:\sys\bin, allowing any unsigned app to be installed. The hacked version of Installserver.exe works because its was recompiled from the source code with all checks disabled by default. For more information, visit the Daily Mobile Forum and CODeRUS websites.

A similar hack has been achieved using Norton Antivirus and Trend Micro Mobile Security. These hacks work because the antivirus apps are used to “restore” a “quarantined” version of RomPatcher+ to C:\sys\bin. In summary, the easiest way to hack your N8 is the HelloOX2 app because it involves only one step. However, if you don’t have a developer certificate for your N8, use the two-step method using antivirus apps.

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