Still no Anna update for product code 059D2N9 (Nokia N8-Vodacom SA)

The Symbian Anna update was released for 32 countries on 18 August 2011. Nokia reported that Anna would be rolled out to other countries over the next three weeks. On 25 August, Anna was released in seven more countries. Two more countries were included on 1 September. However, its been two weeks and still no update for product code 059D2N9 (Nokia N8-Vodacom SA).

According to this tweet from Vodacom support on 24 August, the Anna update was approved for release on N8 and C7 devices. Yesterday, I decided to post a request in this discussion board regarding when we can expect Nokia to release the update for product code 059D2N9. I mentioned in a previous post about a Nokia employee name Yvonne (user Skyee) who has been particularly helpful in providing support regarding the Anna update. Yvonne is Nokia’s Software Promotions Manager and she kindly confirmed that for product code 059D2N9, “Symbian Anna is not released in South Africa yet“.

Even I am starting to get a little frustrated but can’t determine if Nokia or Vodacom are to blame for the delay. Just when you think that maybe its only your phone which cannot receive the update, trolling through the various forums reveals other N8 owners with the same problem. In fact, Nokia smartphone owners in Greece, Israel, China, Taiwan, Switzerland, Singapore and Italy are also waiting for the Anna update.

I keep asking myself why most of us are so keen to get the Anna update as quickly as possible. Is the reason because we all know (but sometimes never admit) that the Symbian^3 OS desperately needs this update? It appears that MTN have already approved the Anna update and their customers are enjoying the improvements. Why does Vodacom take so long to approve updates compared to MTN? I mentioned this in a previous post discussing the rollout of the PR1.2 update for Nokia N8 owners in South Africa.

So Nokia N8 owners, there’s no point in hard resetting your phone, trying an MTN SIM card or any other desperate measure to get the Anna update. I guess we have to remain calm and wait patiently for the update to be released. However, I may visit a Nokia Care Centre to see if they can install the update. To conclude, if you look at Nokia’s Support Discussions, you will see an alarming amount of threads dedicated to the Anna update. After the update the following errors have been reported for N8 devices:

  • Sync errors with Outlook 2003.
  • Problems installing the applications updates (part 2/2 of the update).
  • Users unhappy with the new icons.
  • FM transmitter not working.
  • Problems connecting to the Internet.
  • Bluetooth issues when connecting to car handsfree kit.
  • Caller’s number and not their name displaying if the number is prefixed with the international dialing code.
  • Battery draining too quickly.
  • Language changes if you update via PC (Ovi Suite or NSU) as opposed to OTA.
  • Issues with split screen keyboard in Conversations app.

It is clear from perusing many of the discussion threads that Nokia has dissapointed many of its customers with the Anna update. No less than 15 pages of threads are dedicated to problems with the Anna update or lack of update in certain countries. In conclusion, it is worthwhile reading this Open Letter To Nokia, written by an experienced forum user.

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4 Responses to Still no Anna update for product code 059D2N9 (Nokia N8-Vodacom SA)

  1. The plot thikens. Skyee TODAY posted that Vodacom version of Anna for that variant is not released yet, so I asked vodacom support again whats the hold up (, to which they replied saying Nokia says it’s available via Ovi Suite,( which it isn’t, and now they say ‘bring the phone in to customer care (

    I suspect Vodacom SA has no clue whats going on. Will keep trusting Skyee’s statements for now.

  2. The Rofh says:

    thanks for the info, cant wait for the rollout.

  3. finally got it, downloading now, my device is N8 059D2N9. Check guy am sure u will get it as well

  4. n8fan says:

    The Anna update is finally available. It took 20 minutes to install including the application updates. The update went smoothly over-the-air.

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