Nokia Maps 3.08 and Live Traffic Updates

Nokia has incorporated live traffic routing into Nokia Maps which takes traffic information into account to help avoid traffic jams. This feature is only available in certain countries including South Africa. It negates the need to listen to live radio in order to obtain information on traffic flow problems.

In order to make use of the live traffic update feature, you will first need to install Nokia Maps v3.08. This version is still in beta and is only available from NokaBetaLabs. Do not download Nokia Maps for the OVI Store as this is version 3.06. Download the .SIS file (~10 Mb) and use Nokia OVI Suite or Nokia PC Suite to install the latest version.

If your previous version of Ovi Maps was v3.06 or v.307, then your map data is not deleted when v3.08 beta is installed. If the map data is deleted, run Ovi Maps v3.08 once and download a few bytes of map data (so that the relevant files are created on your device) and then exit the application (this is really important). Then, use Nokia OVI Suite (latest version is to install map data for South Africa (~93 Mb). I also recommend you install the following:

  • English (UK) – female voice (4.3 Mb),
  • English (UK) – with street names (4.6 Mb),
  • Beeps and Vibrations (51 Kb), and
  • Own Voice (4.3 Mb).

If your map data was not deleted, it is still a good idea to check for map updates using Nokia OVI Suite. Click on Updated Maps Available to make sure you have the latest map data. It is highly recommended that you download the South African map data using a broadband connection, preferably using ADSL and not 3G to save data costs.

Once OVI Maps 3.08 is installed and you have updated the map data, disconnect the USB cable from your Nokia N8 device and run Ovi Maps. Next, turn on Avoid traffic in your Route settings to take live traffic conditions into account while you drive. OVI Maps v3.08 offers a number of other improvements including:

  • New Drive look & feel – home screen now has buttons for Set destinationDrive home and Just drive.
  • Just drive or Drive assistance shows your accurate speed, gives speed warnings, the distance driven and real time traffic.
  • New information bar on Drive navigation and Drive assistance screens.
  • Easily toggle between estimated time of arrival (in minutes) or distance to your destination – just tap the icon on the screen.
  • Set a contact as a destination.
  • Long tap is now available to give quick access to Drive toWalk toShare and various lists.
  • Settings re-organised to GeneralMaps & Walk and Drive.

The traffic service receives information from digital traffic sensors as well as commercial and government partners via Nokia’s subsidiary Navteq. Your phone then connects via 3G/Edge/GPRS to obtain the live traffic update feed. Traffic updates related to congestion, road blocks, road closures and/or other incidents are used to colour code roads either red, amber or green depending on traffic flow.

Finally, walk navigation is only available for Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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