PR1.2 update for my Nokia N8

Its been a while since my last post. I have just installed the PR1.2 update for Symbian^3 on my Nokia N8. I connected the N8 via the USB cable to OVI Suite, synced my photos and videos with my PC and backed up my music, contacts and calendar entries. Before I started the update procedure, I switched off the Block Uninstall feature in Track & Protect and killed NetQin’s Mobile Guard application which was running on my phone. I did this using Jbak TaskMan and removed the NQPhoneGuardServer and NQCommAssistantServer apps from memory. This was done to minimise the risk of these apps interfering with the firmware update. Finally, I clicked on Software Updates, downloaded the 177 Mb firmware file via ADSL, followed the instructions and installed it. Although the update was expected to take 15 minutes (with Nokia Test Mode displayed on the screen whilst in progress), the phone rebooted after only a few minutes. The N8 then downloaded another update.

Typing *#0000# in the phone dialer confirmed the release update from PR1.0 to PR1.2 (software version from 011.012 to 014.002). PR1.2 was released as a voluntary update by Nokia on the 21 March 2011. A voluntary update means my cellphone service provider (Vodacom) is under no obligation to roll-out the update to its customer base. It appears that Vodacom skipped the PR1.1 update for its customers in South Africa and began testing the PR1.2 update on 31 March 2011. On 7 April 2011, PR1.2 for product code 059D2N9 (South Africa) was still waiting for operator approval.  On 13 April 2011, PR1.2 for product code 059D2N9 (South Africa) was in creation. From this point, it usually takes no more than 5 days for the update to be published and downloadable.

PR1.2 fixes a synchronisation issue with the N8 using Mail for Exchange on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (Service Pack 1). The update also includes a new version of Ovi Store as well as a new version of Ovi Maps (SR6). PR1.2 includes all the PR1.1 updates as well. For more information, refer to Nokia’s discussion board on PR1.2.

Using the phone’s software update app, I have also updated the Quick Search tool. You can install PR1.2 “over the air” via the phone’s software update app. The download is less than 1 Mb, compared to the 177 Mb download via ADSL. PR2.0 is scheduled for release later this year and will provide a new web browser (written in Qt I hope) and a portrait QWERTY keyboard.

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