Track and Protect bug

In a previous post titled “Customization: Part II – Purchased from the OVI Store”, I talked about an application called Track and Protect. As its name implies, the application can track and protect your lost or stolen N8 via a website. The app is available for download from the OVI Store or from the developer’s website.

I recently discovered a rather serious bug in the application. Track and Protect has a feature called Block Uninstall which, when enabled under the Lock Settings menu, prevents the application from being uninstalled. The Block Uninstall feature actually protects any application from being uninstalled until the user enters their 6-digit pin passcode (which authenticates the owner and allows the uninstall to occur).

I selected an application to uninstall and Track and Protect requested me to enter my 6-digit passcode. Instead of entering my code, I just called my Nokia N8 from another phone. I answered the call on my N8, then ended it a few seconds later. After the call summary screen cleared, the Track and Protect screen (which requests the 6-digit passcode) also disappeared, and I was prompted if I really wanted to uninstall the selected application.

I was rather surprised about finding this “backdoor”, so I repeated the procedure and deleted yet another application. The Track and Protect passcode input screen just disappears whether you answer or even reject the call. This bug is serious, since it allows you to uninstall Track and Protect, without entering or knowing the 6-digit passcode.

Does anyone else have this problem? I purchased a year’s subscription for the Track and Protect application, so I’m not to happy finding this bug. I checked the application’s user forum to see if this problem has been reported by anyone else. I couldn’t find anything so created a new post.

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