Downloading applications from Nokia’s OVI Store

The OVI Store application shipped with the N8 allows me to search the contents of the store and download applications directly to my phone. Purchasing applications is simple as the cheaper applications were charged directly to my cellphone bill. Other, more expensive applications I purchased via a secure credit card transaction. In South Africa, purchases from OVI Store have grown 438 percent since operator billing was rolled out in June 2010.

You may find the following statistics (as of 13 December 2010) about Nokia’s OVI Store rather interesting:

  • 3.5 million downloads per day with an average of 2.6 apps downloaded per visit,
  • Active users represent more than 190 countries,
  • Developers (publishers) from more than 90 countries distribute their content through OVI Store,
  • 100 operators in 30 countries support integrated operator billing,
  • Credit card billing is supported in more than 170 countries, and
  • 6 of the top 10 downloading devices are touch screen devices.

The OVI Store application on my N8 allows me to select the default drive to install games and applications as well as the location of downloaded images, audio and videos. Typically, the 16 Gb of mass memory (E: drive) is the preferred location for all these downloads. However, as mentioned in my previous post, there are times when I prefer to install the application to the phone’s C: drive.

Before downloading such an application (a new theme, for example), I select the Store Menu option, then Account and finally Installation Preferences. I choose the option to install games and applications to C: Phone Memory, then hit the Save button at the bottom of the page. The application is then downloaded and stored on the phone’s internal memory as requested. Then, I reset the default storage location for applications and games back to E: mass memory.

If you install an application on the wrong drive, it is easier to uninstall it using the App Manager, select the correct storage area (C: or E: or F:) and repeat the download of the same application.

I sometimes find it easier to search for new applications on the OVI Store using my PC. I point my PC’s web browser to, log in and begin searching. This is especially true if I want to read reviewer comments written only by other Nokia N8-00 owners. On the web, two useful options are available on the Reviews tab of an application:

  • Only show reviews in my language, and
  • Show only reviews for my cell phone.

Both options are unavailable when reading reviewer comments via the phone’s OVI Store application. Another reason why I prefer to search the OVI Store for applications via the web (using my PC’s web browser) is the ability to download the installation file (.sis) to my PC’s hard drive. This is important if you want to re-install the application or share it easily with a friend. I will describe how to do this with an example.

I mentioned in an earlier post that ShazamiD is not yet available for download (from OVI Store) for the Nokia N8 as there are certain issues with compatibility. However, I decided to test ShazamiD to determine if the reported issues are really problematic. A search for Shazam on the OVI Store revealed no result. This occurs because I have set my phone to the Nokia N8-00. I logged into OVI Store, then changed my cellphone type to the Nokia X6. I repeated the search for Shazam and obtained the link to the application. To download the file, click on the Send to Friend button. In the URL, change /send-to-friend to /download and hit Enter. The file shazam_251.sis downloaded to my PC’s hard drive. I then used PC Suite to install the Shazam application to my N8.

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3 Responses to Downloading applications from Nokia’s OVI Store

  1. n8fan says:

    UPDATE: Shazam for the Nokia N8 is now available for download from the OVI Store.

    Check out

    The application was developed using Qt. The install file is called ShazamQt_251.sis

  2. n8fan says:

    UPDATE: If you download a file from OVI Store, it will not install using PC Suite or OVI Suite.

    The workaround is to open the file using TextPad or Notepad++, then delete the first 3 lines which look something like this:
    Content-Type: x-epoc/x-sisx-app
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary

    Delete the 4th line so that the file begins with z, followed by non-ASCII characters.

    Next, navigate to the bottom of the file and delete the last line which looks like this:

    Finally, save the edited file, remove the .dm extension from the name and the .sis file should install with no problems.

  3. hatem_abokhzam says:


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