Customization: Part II – Purchased from the OVI Store

I have purchased a number of applications from Nokia’s OVI Store which I therefore recommend for other Nokia N8 fans:

  • SlideUnlock – a utility which replaces the Unlock button with a customizable tool to slide unlock the phone or just by shaking it. I can slide unlock the screen and immediately load my call logs, contacts, messages, web browser or the menu. With SPB Mobile Shell installed, my N8 has up to 10 customizable home screens. SlideUnlock allows me to quickly access the important phone functions mentioned above.
  • Best TaskMan – view and control running applications and processes. Access 12 favourite applications (Quickstart) and ability to autostart.
  • Phonelocator Text – sends an SMS message containing a link to your position. Your position is obtained from the device’s built-in GPS antenna , you then select a recipient from your contacts list and a pre-filled message (with the recipient’s name and your position) is sent. The offline utility only costs you an SMS. Tip: Save the SMS to Drafts if you quickly need to record your current location.
  • Angry Birds – the green pigs have stolen the Birds’ eggs. The birds are now angry and want revenge. Use the unique destructive powers of the angry birds to destroy the pigs’ fortified castles. Each of the 105 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush and demolish the pigs’ castles. Note: Very addictive and check for regular updates!

Track and Protect is a unique application the resides in your phone’s memory to protect the device when lost or stolen. The application cannot be uninstalled without entering a 6-digit passcode. Track and Protect will still work if the SIM card is changed. Silent SMS-type commands are sent from the Web to the phone. The phone then uses its GPRS (3G) or WiFi connection to send back location (coordinates) and photo images.

If your device is lost or stolen, login to, enter your cellphone number and 6-digit passcode, then:

  • lock your phone,
  • lock your phone and activate a loud alarm,
  • locate your phone on Google Maps (activates the internal GPS for accurate location details),
  • set a call-back allowing you to speak to the person in possession of your phone,
  • wipe the phone memory clean of personal information (contacts, calendars, messages and photos),
  • receive a photo taken from the front and main (rear) camera,
  • backup and restore contacts and calendar entries,
  • display a reward amount if the phone is safely returned to you,
  • display phone numbers to call allowing the phone to be returned to you, and/or
  • unlock the phone.

For more information, visit Klomptek’s website. Track and Protect also offer a starter pack available from OVI Store. Search the OVI Store for “track and protect” to find other packages.

On my previous N82, I used Guardian which works in a similar way to Track and Protect. With Guardian installed, you send a structured SMS from another cellphone to your lost or stolen device to track your phone’s location, retrieve numbers phoned or received, access your phone’s messages etc. For example, to locate your phone send an SMS (*12345*localize*) and once the built-in GPS has obtained your position, an SMS is sent back containing the phone’s position.

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