PC Suite vs. OVI Suite: The saga continues!

I am not your average smartphone user! I consider myself a “power” user, someone who enjoys customizing their phone in order to optimize the overall user experience. PC Suite, although not perfect, satisfies most of my needs. The software allows me to:

  • Backup my phone (especially contacts, calendar entries and messages),
  • Use my nokia cellphone as a GSM modem (to surf the Internet or access field equipment/data via telemetry),
  • Efficiently edit my contacts and groups,
  • Type SMS’s using a computer keyboard (much faster than using SWYPE),
  • Make calendar entries (this feature could be vastly improved by Nokia),
  • Download photos and movies from the phone to my PC,
  • Install Symbian applications to the phone, and
  • Update Nokia OVI maps and browse the phone’s files.

This “interface” is essential, especially when I use my cellphone at work (as opposed to home). I use Nokia’s OVI player to manage my music collection downloaded from Nokia Music. I found the Nokia OVI suite (version 2.x) experience very amateur. This software is, in my opinion, written for teenagers and does not cater for “high-end” users. It is also riddled with bugs and crashes on a regular basis. OVI suite is also very resource hungry and not optimized, meaning the user interface takes too long to load and devours megabytes of computer memory. The answer… uninstall OVI Suite and use PC Suite and OVI Player (not that simple!).

I had the latest version of PC Suite installed (7.1.50) when I connected my N8 using the supplied CA-179 USB cable. To my dismay, the N8 is not compatible with PC Suite and OVI Suite is the preferred software. I decided to try OVI Suite v3.0, which was released in December 2010. Although an improvement over version 2.x,  it critically lacks one essential feature…the ability to directly access (and edit) the phone’s calendar. This is a serious limitation for me. I need to be able to quickly add/edit calendar entries, especially in my work environment.

After “Googling” this problem, I un-installed PC Suite v7.1.50 and “downgraded” to v7.1.40 which is compatible with the N8 (v7.1.30 also works). Use Google to find sites where the older versions can be downloaded from. My experience shows that the older versions of PC Suite (v7.1.30 and 7.1.40) cannot access the N8’s calendar directly, unless OVI Suite v3.0 AND Microsoft Outlook are also installed on my PC.

Finally, I have a version of PC Suite that can access the N8 providing the same functionality as with my older N82. However, I have noticed that editing the N8’s calendar is slower when compared to the N82.

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