My N8 has finally arrived!

I took possession of my silver Nokia N8 in December 2010, two days before going on holiday with my daughter. This provided the ideal situation to test the N8’s camera, which has received much worldwide press. rates the phone’s camera as one of the “best in the business”.

I took over 200 photos on holiday and numerous videos. After carefully scrutinizing the quality of the captured footage on my home PC and Hi-Def LCD TV, I knew I had made the right decision in choosing the Nokia N8. You may think my opinion is biased, however the Internet is already full of stunning photo samples taken with the N8. Seeing is believing…visit Flickr’s Nokia N8 user group. Steve Litchfield wrote two articles: “One day you’ll look back… and be glad you had an N8!” and “Tis true – the N8 is made for holidays” which highlight the importance of a decent camera when capturing holiday memories.

In my opinion though, my N82’s xenon flash is slightly more powerful than the N8’s. This was confirmed when I measured the physical length of the flash (9 vs. 12 mm). The N82 comes with a built-in protective lens cover, a feature sadly missing from the N8. When making a call with the N8, my index finger invariably touches the lens leaving a horrible fingerprint on the glass surface. Also, the N8’s lens and flash are positioned nearer the phone’s edge compared to the N8. This meant some of my holiday pics required cropping to exclude my finger in the top left hand corner. Red-eye is another problem you need to contend with.

My phone returned from holiday in pristine condition, thanks to the Body Glove and screen protector I fitted after the phone’s initial (and recommended) 16 hour battery charge. A word of caution regarding cellphone accessories: I was surprised and very annoyed when I battled to find protective covers and screens for my previous phone (N82) after only one year of ownership. The cellphone market is so dynamic, so its not long before a phone becomes obsolete.

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