Importing contacts, calendar events and messages

Nokia provides an application called Phone Switcher which seamlessly allows you to transfer contacts, calendar events and messages from one Nokia phone to another via Bluetooth. When I initially switched on my N8, Phone Switcher was activated by the phone setup procedure. I was then guided through a simple process of pairing my new N8 with my old N82 (via Bluetooth) and transferring information from one phone to the other.

This process worked fine for my contacts and SMS’s  which were transferred with no hiccups. Although my calendar entries were also successfully imported, I noticed that a separate calendar called N82 appeared on my N8. PC Suite also creates another calendar (called PC Suite). These two calendars are in addition to the internal calendar (called Personal), hence three calendars in total.

To remove the multiple calendars, I used OVI Suite to sync my N82 calendar to Microsoft Outlook. I then connected my N8 to OVI Suite and sync’d the calendar from Outlook to the phone’s Personal calendar. Then, I ran the Calendar application on the N8, selected Manage calendars under Options and deleted the calendars called N82 and PC Suite, leaving only one calendar called Personal.

FYI: I tried to sync my N82 calendar to the “Cloud” (, then restore it to my N8. This proved unsuccessful with various problems experienced (such as duplicate calendar entries). Duplicate contact entries were also noticed when I sync’d my contacts via the Nokia servers.

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