Improving the user interface: Need more than 3 home screens

I was suitably impressed with SPB’s software called SPB Wallet that I perused other software this company produces for the Symbian platform. I came across SPB Mobile Shell which provides a unique user interface via a 3D carousel with special effects. The software also allows the user to:

  • Make your own home screen using widgets,
  • Change the background,
  • Customize the menu,
  • Change widget skins, and
  • Choose “Professional” and/or “Lifestyle” home screens.

I compared SPB Mobile Shell to Grid Touch by OffScreen. Jade Bryan ( recently reviewed Grid Touch which can organise up to 18 icons on 9 zoomable pages. SPB Mobile Shell has 5 Lifestyle and 5 Professional home screens (altogether, 10 customisable screens), each managing or grouping no less than 16 icons (or shortcuts to apps or widgets). In addition, SPB Mobile Shell provides 6 additional screens to access contact favourites, your call log, calendar events and local weather.

A lite version of SPB Mobile Shell is freely available for download from the OVI Store. Grid Touch is also available as a free download from OVI Store. I chose to use the full SPB Mobile Shell version which I purchased, downloaded and installed from the OVI Store.

I installed SPB Mobile Shell 3.7.1, two days before the application was upgraded to version 3.7.2. I contacted SPB Software by e-mail to inquire about upgrading to the newer version (mainly bug fixes) and within a day, I received a download link (from SPB’s website) and my registration key. That’s the type of service that puts a smile on your face…

From the OVI store, I downloaded the black theme for SPB Mobile Shell. You can also download other colours (green, blue etc.) from SPB’s website.

The customizable user interface will prove invaluable after I start to fully customize my N8, by downloading numerous Symbian^3 applications. It does not take long to fill the standard 3 home screens provided by the phone.

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